James James is a part-time Freelance Software Engineer and full-time Software Engineer for Boston, MA based Acquia. He has two open source PHP libraries making use of UPS and Microsoft Exchange web services easier for the average developer. He is a contributor for the Drupal CMS and is known as BassistJimmyJam on drupal.org.

During High School, James studied Computer Information Systems at the Center for Arts and Technology, Brandywine Campus. He sites his CIS teacher, Mr. Fuchs, for giving him the motivation he needed to continue his education and do what he loves. After graduating form Avon Grove High School in 2003 and receiving a certificate with platinum seal from CAT, he continued his education at Central Pennsylvania College in Summerdale, PA. Upon graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology in 2007, James started working as a full-time Software Engineer at WorkXpress, then known as Express Dynamics, LLC.

Looking to make some changes in life, James left WorkXpress in 2011 to join AllPlayers.com. As a lead developer, he managed a small team of developers and worked on Drupal and Drupal Commerce full-time, allowing him to contribute back to the community on a regular basis.

In 2014, James further solidified his commitment to Drupal by taking the position of Cloud Software Engineer for Acquia. As a Senior Engineer and Scrum Master on the Cloud Data team, he helped to design and deliver a database and distributed file system service used by Acquia Cloud to support customer sites.

James’ specialties include Drupal back end development, web services, cloud computing, and system architecture.