Add Viddler Videos To Your Drupal Site

11 Apr 2009 | Drupal, Viddler, Videos

Have a Viddler account and looking to embed videos on your website? You could embed the videos directly into the body of your nodes, but that doesn’t give you as much control as you may desire. You could use CCK and the Embedded Media Field (emfield) module, but that doesn’t support Viddler. Or does it?

For we needed a service that we could use to host our videos. We originally used Google Video, but Google reduced the quality of the videos too much. I looked at YouTube, but I didn’t like how it recommends other videos to watch at the end of the current video. After some research, I found that Viddler does not reduce the quality of the video or recommend other user’s videos.

Our website already had the emfield module installed for the videos hosted on Google Video. However, the module did not support Viddler. Since we wanted full control of the video, the best option was to take the time to add Viddler support. You can see the results at I have submitted my code for inclusion in the module, but I have yet to hear back. You can check the status of this at

Update June 7, 2009: Removed installation instructions for the patch and added the following section regarding the Media: Viddler module.

As of May 3, 2009, my submitted patch has been moved into the Media: Viddler module. This module will add Viddler support to the emfield module. I have CVS access to this module and will be monitoring the issue queue.

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