External Links and GeSHi Filter

04 Dec 2009 | CSS, Drupal

On my site I use the External links to add the external link icon image next to any external links. I also use the GeSHi Filter module for syntax highlighting. These two modules together were causing some undesirable effects.

The GeSHi Filter module adds links to the PHP manual entry for functions. Because this is an external link, it receives the image from above. This doesn’t look quite right:

GeSHi Filter with external link

So what did I do about it? I added the following lines to me themes CSS file (sandbox.css for those who were wondering):

div.geshifilter span.ext {
  background: none;

As you can see by the following screen shot, the icon no longer appears in my code:

GeSHi Filter with no icon

I hope this was able to help somebody else out.

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