The Records of Neurion Arkanith

Entry Four

18 Apr 2015

Earth elementals After resting, we returned to the second floor of the temple. We passed through a secret door we had encountered earlier, where we encountered a group of bandits. Charin and Drussus were able to render most of the group unconscious, allowing us to focus on the few that remained. As the rest of the group was already engaged with my fellow adventurers, I decided to deal with some of the trash that was left behind. As I was dealing the final blow to one of the unconscious bandits, one of the leaders appeared from a door directly across from me. Apparently, seeing me bash one of his men with my staff was too much for him as he charged me from the door and delivered quite a blow. I was able to retreat and attack from a distance.

We finally felled the remaining bandits and their leaders. Although a bit worse for wear, I was still standing and Drussis was able to heal me up easily. We searched the rooms and found a chest in one of the adjoining rooms. Wonnlion inspected the chest for traps and believed it to be clear, but his lack of confidence led us to believe otherwise. None of us were willing to touch the chest, so Drussis and I devloped a plan to attempt opening it without any danger to ourselves.

While the others prepared some food they had found, Drussis and I moved one of the bandit corpses into the room with the chest. Drussis was able to raise the corpse and order him to kick the chest after we had safely left the room. It was a good thing we hadn’t attempted to open the chest ourselves, as the chest released a poisinous gas once it was kicked. After it had cleared, we were able to open the chest and obtain the treasure within.

After eating, we moved on until we found ourselves in a large, open hallway. I was hessitant to move forward, as there were many places where we could be ambushed from. Still, we continued to move down the hallway where we encountered a large door, chained and barred with the same ruins we have seen on the other sealed doors. Drussis and I were the only ones who were able to look at, so I had to describe the door to others. At this point, I don’t think anybody was surprised to find one of these.

At the end of the hallway, we saw what appeared to be the body of a woman. A closer inspection confirmed that it was Drussis’ rogue friend. She was laying unconscious and seemed to be near death. We felt it best to carry her back to the room where we had been resting so that Drussis could attempt to heal her.

As we turned to head back down the hallway where we had come, we encountered an Ochre Jelly. Sovellis launched two magic missiles at the Jelly and it immediately split into two additional Jellies. We now faced three Jellies, each of which appeared to be identical. Not only did the attack split the Jelly, it also seemed to deal no damage. At this point, I was hesitant to use any of my magic against these foes. My fear was realised when Dalthak struck one of the Jellies with an enchanted weapon and it split into an additional Jelly. It was clear that our magic was usueless, and, largely, so was I.

As the others drew their non-magical weapons, I felt like all I coud do was stand back and watch. Just when I thought there was nothing I could do, Drussis offered me his sling. I rushed over to him, grabbed it off his back, and started towards the enemy. I kept at maximum distance for the sling to avoid counterattack, though it was still too close to my liking. It took more time than we were used to, but we finally defeated each of the Jellies.

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Entry Three

Earth elementals After resting, we decided it would be wise to head back to Homlet before moving on to the second floor. We had been in the temple for some time and needed to procure some provisions. This also gave us the opportunity to take Oceanus’ body to the church. If they are unable to resurrect him, perhaps they can find somebody who will or keep him safe until we return.

We ascended to the top floor of the temple and approached the entrance. Upon opening the door and stepping outside, we were blinded by the sun. We had been below ground for so long, I had almost forgotten how bright the sun could be. As our eyes adjusted and the brightness faded, all was not what we had expected. Everything was dark, the trees seemed to be dancing, and a familiar face greeted us from the trees. It was Iuz, but his image shifted from the young man with the red bandana we had encountered before and an old man whom we had not seen.

It seemed we had once again entered Iuz’s dream world. He spoke to us, though my mind has gone hazy and I have trouble recalling his words. Then, in the blink of an eye, he was gone. The trees approached us, and it was time for battle. I was able to approach the trees from the side and cast Lance of Disruption, dealing damage to a number of them. At this point in the battle I noticed something quite peculiar, as if anything about this encounter was ordinary. Drussus and Wonnlion were missing! I suspected that since Wonnlion had not encountered Iuz with us previously, he was saved from this trouble we now found ourselves in. But Drussus had been there for all of our previous encounters with Iuz. I surmise this is somehow related to the brain fungus that has infected him, which has me more worried about his fate, and ours, than previously.

We dealt with the trees quite swiftly, and found ourselves back in the normal world. Apparently, to the outsiders we appeared to have just frozen up. We awoke to found ourselves greeted by the Order of the Rosy Cross, sent by the church to check on us. How nice. We informed them of our plans to return to Homlet for a short while and they assured us that they would keep the floors we had already cleared in check until we returned. And with that, we started on our way.

The trip to Homlet was mostly uneventful. We encountered some wild animals that we were able to deal with swiftly and arrived in Homlet unscathed.

We took Oceanusto the church and Sovellis spoke with Leita while Charin and I studied in the library. Before leaving for the Inn, I paid the priest the money required to resurrect Oceanus.

We stayed in Homlet for a few days. I spent most of my time studying with Charin and Sovellis, though I did take the time to send my Wand of Magic Missile out to be charged. I was told it would take four weeks and be sent directly to the temple for me. During our studies, we were able to craft a number of new spells that I am looking forward to utilizing.

On our final night in Homlet, we performed a concert for the people we once saved from Iuz’s influence. They crowd was wonderful and the concert was quite success. We turned in for the night, prepared to head back to the temple in the morning.

Our return trip was even more uneventful than the trip to Homlet. We arrived at the temple and the commander from the Order of the Rosy Cross informed us that there had been a few incursions, but nothing that they couldn’t handle.

We descended to the second floor, prepared to anything we might encounter. Good thing we were, as our first encounter was with a Minotaur. We dispatched of him quickly and moved into a small hallway with guards that did not seem to be expecting us. After disposing of them, we found ourselves drained already and decided we should rest before moving on.


Entry Five

As I looked around, I noticed that Charin was carrying the rogue. Apparently, in the heat of battle, he picked her up and carried her to the room we had previously cleared in order to retrieve some non-magical weapon. Of course, by the time he had returned we had already defeated the Jellies. At this point, we were all exhausted and decided we should get some rest and deal with Drussis’ friend.

We returned to the room that we’ve been using for rest. I held the door, preventing anyone from coming in or going out. We discussed what we should do with the rogue. Arleana had some pretty strong opposition to healing and waking her, but we came to an agreement to disarm her first. The information that she may have had was of too much importance, and she hadn’t tried to kill us since we got here, so that was good enough reason for me to wake her.

It turned out I was right, she was able to tell us what happened to her and where we could likely find the remainder of her former colleagues. We took our time to rest and meditate before heading back downstairs.

When we arrived back in the room where we had previously encountered the minotaur, there were now two Trolls. I was able to use Lance of Disruption on both of them to help weaken them, and the rest of the team was able to dispatch them fairly easily. Drussis had the excellent idea to raise one of the Troll corpses to bring with us.

We moved back out into the hallway where we fought the Jellies. We moved down a hallway to the right that our new rogue friend informed us would lead to the octagon shaped room where we would find the Black Crow Society. We found the door to the room the be untrapped and unlocked. We also found some secret doors, one of which led to a small room that looked like it hadn’t been used in ages and appeared to lead to a secret door in the room we were headed to. Before entering the room, we thought it would be best to check the hallway on the other side to see if there were any more secret rooms. We found none, but Wonnlion was able to unlock the other door to the room.

At this point we took the time to plan our next move. We decided that Wonnlion and the rogue would hide in the secret room, which Drussis and the troll waiting outside the main entrance in that same hallway. I left my pseduodragon behind so that I could see what was going on and inform the others as we waited behind the door in the other hallway. We planned to have the Troll walk in first, followed by us while the Black Crows were occupied, and finally Wonnlion and the rogue entering through the secret door to remain hidden.

When the troll opened the door, we found the Black Crow Society speaking with an elderly gentleman. I recognized the man as the old man that Iuz’s image was flickering between when we encountered him last. He made it clear that he knew we were there, so we opened our door. When I saw Iuz myself, he was the young man in the bandanna, but I was still seeing the old man through my familiar’s eyes. Iuz continued to taunt us, but as usual, was too cowardly to face us himself. Instead, he handed Nimsul a mushroom and held our Troll. I immediately had images of Robert Shrier and the mushroom tha Iuz gave him.

After Iuz disappeared, Nimsul attempted to convince us that we were the bad guys. When we refused to submit, he shoved the mushroom into his own forehead and turning into some sort of shadow creature. It was time for battle.

Nimsul disappear and reappeared before Charin, dealing him quite a blow. I cast a web, trapping two of the Black Crows (including their priest). I sent my pseduodragon after their mage and he was able to strike and poison him easily, dispatching the mage for the rest of the fight. The fight continued for some time, with Nimsul constantly disappearing and reappearing elsewhere. After we had felled their priest, Nimsul was somehow able to resurrect her as another shadow creature.

This was the hardest battle we had fought yet. Nimsul took a lot of damage, including a Lance of Disruption, before finally going down. He didn’t go down quietly either. Much like Robert Shier, when he was felled he exploded. Dealing damage to most of our team and knocking many of us out, myself included.