The Records of Neurion Arkanith

Entry One

01 Nov 2014

It has been some time since I last recorded my journeys, but at the prodding of Sovellis and Charin I have decided to begin anew. As I completed my previous journal and left it on Nerina’s ship for safe keeping, I will begin documenting our adventure in the Temple of Elemental Evil into this new journal. Hopefully somebody will find this useful some day. At the very least, it should satisfy Sovellis and Charin. Sovellis has not been too bad, he seems to genuinely want to help me reconnect with my Elven heritage. I’m starting to think that Charin is just a nan’ assa.

We cleared more rooms on the first subteranan level of the temple today. As I entered one room in particular to search for hidden passgeways, of which there seem to be an abundance of here, Sovellis and Charin warned me that I should proceed with a bit more trpidation. As Charin entred the room to stomp a skull that he feared would come to life only to be attacked by a snake. As Sovellis pulled him out of the way, I gave the snake a good blast with Lance of Disruption. A bit excessive I must admit, but as the Humans wold say, it was wicked awesome. Still, it was not enough to fell the snake and it was finished off by my band mates. The hole I tore in the temple altered some other foes that we were not expectng, but we dealt with them quickly.

As we continued to explore the temple, we ran into our good friend Oceanus (or O.C. Anus, as Tormac has taken to calling him). With him was a young lady I had not encountered before, thought Charin and Sovellis seemed to recognize her. She was dressed in garb that would indicate she was a member of the Black Crow Society; though she quickly informed us that she was no longer in league with them. We allowed her to join us for the time being, though I’m still sceptical of the decision.

We then discovered a rather large room with two columns in the middle that seemed quite suspicious from the start. We noticed some alcoves high on the wall, but it was too dark to make anything out. I sent my pseudodragon to get a better look and he could oly see the glowing eyes looking back at him. Before I had a chance to warn the others a portcullis dropped, leaving part of our party trapped in the room with the rest of us outside. With his great strength, Charin was able to list the portcullis and allow the rest of us entry to the room where we quickly dealt with the harpies that had emerged from the alcoves.

We cleared some ghouls from an ajoining room and discovered a priest’s chambers. Unfortunately, whomever was in the chambers heard us coming and was able to escape through a secret passage into the harpy lair before we were able to catch him. We returned to the harpy lair and clear the remaing adjoining room before it was time for us to have a serious discussion with Drussus.

Sovellis informed us all that Drussus had apparently been haporing not one, but two slimes! I fear the situation with his brain infection may be more serious than we thought. Oceanus had brought a remedy for him that should help to alleviate the symptoms, though he had yet to take it. With Sovellis’ help, Drussus was able to rid himself of the slimes and ingest the remedy.

We have found what we believe to be a safe room to rest, which is excellent news as I have spent the majority of my spells. I must mediate now, and prepare for whatever else lies in wait for us.

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Entry Two

Earth elementals

As we traveled further into the temple, we discovered a set of jail cells. Three of them contained what appeared to be humans. However, when we attempted to speak to them they remain ed motionless and unresponsive; this should have been our first sign that some thing was amiss. In one of the opposing cells we discovered a gnome by the name of Wonnlion being held captive. After releasing him, he asked to join us as he searched for his equipment. Most of the group was hesitant, but I felt that the more help we had the better off we would be.

We then explored the secret door we had discovered earlier. We found a small alcove that apparently belonged to the guard that we already dispatched, along with Wonnlion`s equipment. We also discovered that the rear of the cells that held the humans were In fact doors. Upon opening one, we found that they actually held zombits. We were able to deal with them quickly. In the process, we learned that our nwe friend was qunite a capable fighter, if not a little headstrong.

At this point, I had spend most of my spells, as had the majority of the group. We retreated to a small room we had previously explored and sealed ourselves inside to rest. During Tormac’s watch, some men came pounding on the door but where unable to make their way in. Aside from this, our rest passed uneventfully.

After we completed our rest, we continued to explore the first floor of the temple. In one particular room, we discovered a large pit a precarious looking walkway above it. We travled over the pit but found nothing of interest. As we made our way back of the pit, Drussus triggered a trap that dropped him into the pit. Almost immediately, he was swarmed by rats. He struggled valiently, but as he was already prone, he was overcome quite quickly. Sovellis and Charin each summoned orbs of fire to deal with the rats while Tormac and Dalthek pulled Drussus from the pit using one of Tormac’s ropes. I supervised.

Now we had almost cleared this entire floor. This was only a small area left that we had been avoiding and decided to go investigate. We walked in on a group that was apparently prepared for us. However, they were expecting us to come from the other direction! We were able to dispatch them quickly with a little help from my Lance of Disruption. (Note: How this temple is still standing after my repeated blasts is beyond even my comprehension.) After clearing the few connected rooms, we began searching for loot. Oceanus checked a chest for traps and was reasonable certain he succeed. However, upon opening the box he was greeted by a poisoned spike and fell dead on the spot. We were stunned. Although he had not been with us for very long and said very little, Oceanus was still one of us. As much as we would have liked to take his body to be resurrected immediately, we knew that our mission was more important. We secured his body behind a sealed door and moved on. Vowing to return for him once our mission was complete.

Finally, we entered the last room on this floor. One we had been avoiding for all this time due to some foreboding arrows on the ground that lead to this room. Once there, we discovered a pyramid like structure in the middle and some numbers on the floor in each corner. Suddenly, four large elementals appeared in each corner of the room. We immediately began to battle with the closest one. The others, however, did not even seem to notice us. They continued to walk through the series of numbers on the floor. Starting with one and working their way up. Concerned about what might happened if they all reached four, I chose to cast lance of disruption one both the current one we were fighting and the one behind it when they were lined up. The second one then joined the fight.

As we continued to battle the first two elementals, the others just continued their journey. They both finally reached the number four, only to return to number one and start the whole process over again. After we had defeated the first two elementals we moved onto the third and finally fourth before finding ourselves victorious. Our healers helped us to regain some strength, but this had been a particularly taxing battle. We must rest now, as our next logical course of action is to move on to the floor below us.